Leaving Cert Spanish Lesson in group



Thinking of giving up on Spanish?

Not yet!

I’m here to help!  

Do you feel that ...

Don't know how to write a good sentence.
It is hard to remember conjugations.
Don't know when I should use imperfecto or indefinido.
Confuse the gender: feminine and masculine and the exceptions.
Get lost with pronouns.
Adjectives are tricky and don't know where you should put them.
Don't understand subjuntive.

Do you feel that ...

The diary entry structure is easy but not sure the tense I have to use.
I need to improve the vocabulary.
I don't know how to start the opinion piece.
I need help with the dialogue construction.
I need reading comprehension practise.
I need some notes for guidance but not sure how to use them.
The letter writing is a bit challenging.


Let’s work together and increase your marks! 

What is covered?


Exam overview
Opinion piece from scratch.
Analyzing and practising with the journalistic text.
A guide to translating each sentence.
Checking common verbs.
Diary entry/Note:structure and tips.
Reviewing common tenses in the Diary entry.


Reviewing Common tenses.
Introductory/Closing phrases for Diary entry and the note.
Letter/email structure and content
Increasing vocabulary by topics and in context.
Dialogue construction step by step.
A guide to translating each sentence.
Practising with past exam papers.


Tackle the opinion piece

Writing an opinion piece that expresses your point of view in a simple way but clearly, effectively, and increases your marks.

Working on those weak points from scratch, from the introduction to the conclusion.


Writing a good introduction that grabs the attention of the examiner.

Writing effective paragraphs

Writing and developing good and effective paragraphs that grab the attention of the examiner without going off a tangent. Learn to write each paragraph that expresses your ideas well.

Using connectors correctly

Learning to use connectors to make smooth transitions between paragraphs.

Concluding effectively

Ending the opinion piece involves more than just saying goodbye. It is important to recap everything discussed and offer solutions or suggestions.

Working with samples

Working with students’ samples will help you get familiar with the content and the structure of the opinion piece.


About the oral exam you feel...

I am not sure about the pronunciation
I need to improve the intonation
I feel nervous about the extra questions
I need more practise with the different topics
I don't know how to answer difficult questions
I would like to sound more natural

You will ...

Speak confidently
Use different idioms and expressions
Be able to talk about different topics
Answering unexpected questions
Sound more natural
Practise the role plays
Practise extra role plays' questions


Listen to oral exam Q&A 
get the scripts


I found one on one leaving cert grinds with Alejandra very helpful in the lead up to the exam. Having a personal Google classroom with notes and lessons catered directly to your individual needs is very helpful. I would highly recommend BTW languages lessons.
Evie Smith

Leaving Cert, Dublin.

Alejandra helped me incredibly as she worked with me to improve my Spanish which wasn’t great for my leaving Cert, I feel she helped me improve my Spanish massively and put in a lot of time and effort into working with me and my low level of knowledge on the language. She was extremely patient and helpful throughout our courses and allowed me to learn Spanish to my full ability.
Mia Ennis 2023
Mia Ennis

Leaving Cert, Dublin.

Alejandra helped me massively to bring up my grade and gave me a really good understanding of the basics in Spanish that I didn’t have before. She always made me feel comfortable if I didn’t know something and made sure to not skip on until I understood it. I would highly recommend her to any student taking Spanish in school. 
Sean Fox
Sean Fox

Leaving Cert, Dublin.


A native Spanish teacher

It brings me a lot of personal satisfaction to assist students in building their confidence for exams and witnessing their success in pursuing higher education.

I am a native Spanish teacher with a First Class BA degree in English and Spanish. I have also received training from both Instituto Cervantes and Miguel de Cervantes University for teaching Spanish as a second language (ELE).


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