General Spanish Lesson


Duration: 50 minutes

A Spanish native teacher will tailor the lessons for your goals. This will allow you learning in your own style whether you want to learn Spanish for work, just to improve, exam preparation or communicating with your friends. All content of the lesson follows the CEFR standards (Common European Framework of Reference).

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Is learning Spanish your dream come true? Speaking with your friends, travelling or improving your skills. Whether you are at beginner or advanced level, we can help you to achieve your goal.

  • We tailor the lesson for your goals
  • Booking lessons is easy and at your convenient time
  • Flexibility to reschedule or cancel your lesson
  • Study from a place where you feel more comfortable

In details

Lesson times

We are available for online lessons Monday to Friday from 8 to 12am and 4pm to 8pm (Europe/London Time)

Lesson duration

Spanish Online lesson duration is 50 minutes but can be booked consecutively

Lesson Frequency

You can book an online Spanish lesson as frequently as you want. We recommend at least once a week to see results and improve steadily, but it depends on what your goals are, and your schedule.

Lesson content

Your private lessons format will depend on your level and goals. This means that we will focus on specifics objectives, and we will use different means to help you to achieve them such as visual aids, audios, textbook with grammar explanations, exercises, speaking activities, etc. 

Who are taught

Any adult who wants to learn Spanish and enjoy getting to know different cultures or has a goal to speak the language. Spanish has become popular not only because many people speak the language but also for the relevance in business scenarios so all those who want to use Spanish for work are welcome too.


We assign homework according to your goals. The more you practice the more you will learn. You might spend 30 minutes to 1 hour on homework weekly. However, if your schedule is too tight, we might skip it.

Our recommended books

AULA 1 Book

ISBN: 8415640099

AULA 2 Book

ISBN: 8415640102

Gente Joven 4 Book

ISBN: 9788416057214

AULA 4 Book

ISBN: 8415620853


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