Conversation Spanish Practice


Duration: 50 minutes

Speaking fluently is the goal of any language student. Practice and improve your fluency with native Spanish speakers. Improve your pronunciation and build fluency through live conversation with professional native speaking language tutors.

Spanish lesson Skype Zoom


Speaking to people and practising your communicative skills is the best way to consolidate your Spanish. Join our small groups to talk about your hobbies, goals, or things you love. (Max. 10 people).

In details

Lesson times

We are available for online lessons Monday to Friday from 8 to 12am and 4pm to 8pm (Europe/London Time)

Lesson duration

Spanish Online lesson duration is 50 minutes but can be booked consecutively

Lesson Frequency

You can book online Spanish lessons as frequently as you want. Practising will help you to make the language yours.

Lesson content

In order to practice yous speaking skills, we can bring to the class any topic you like. 

Who are taught

Any person who wishes to improve his/her speaking skills.


There is no homework assigned other than talking to your friends, colleagues, or whoever you want to talk to.

Our recommended books

AULA 1 Book

ISBN: 8415640099

AULA 2 Book

ISBN: 8415640102

Gente Joven 4 Book

ISBN: 9788416057214

AULA 4 Book

ISBN: 8415620853


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