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Referral Program is only available to people registered as customers (My account).

Send the Referral Link:

1. Get the Referral Link to your account (Generate it if needed).

2. Use the ‘Refer a Friend’ Form to send him by mail.

N.B.: You can also copy the link and use it on social media or another digital ways to get more Referral Credits Rewards.

Step 1
Step 2

Get Credits from my referral

1. Your friend has to click on the referral link you send him

2. Your friend has to top up credits (any credits package) to become our student and allow you to get the referral credits.

3. When the conditions are met, you will receive an email about the credits you earn. All your referrals will be listed on your referral table

Note: If your friend asks to refund the referral reward will be redeemed to your account.