Spanish Leaving Cert

  • Grammar/tenses

  • Reading comprehension/ strategies

  • Oral exam preparation: conversation & role-plays/ pronunciation

  • Opinion piece (structure, vocabulary & past exam papers)

  • Dialogue construction (structures, vocabulary & tenses)

  • Diary entry & notes

  • Listening comprehension (exam technique & vocabulary)



Spanish Leaving Certificate

  • Oral Exam Preparation / Role-plays
  • Tenses
  • Reading Comprehensions
  • Opinion Piece (structure, vocabulary & expressions)
  • Dialogue Construction (repetitive structures, vocabulary)
  • Diary Entry & Notes
  • Listening Comprehension (exam technique & vocabulary)

Spanish Leaving Cert

  • Grammar/tenses
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Oral Exam Preparation: conversation & Role-plays
  • Opinion Piece (structure, vocabulary & past exam papers)
  • Dialogue Construction (structures, vocabulary & tenses)
  • Diary Entry & Notes
  • Listening Comprehension (exam technique & vocabulary)




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Our Spanish Lessons

Spanish Leaving Cert.

Spanish Leaving Cert.

Prepare for the exam with a native Spanish teacher, and increase your marks.

Online Lessons For All

1 to 1 Spanish Lesson

1 to 1 Spanish Lessons

A native Spanish speaker will tailor the lessons according to your goals. This will allow you to learn in your own style whether it is for work, travelling, preparing an exam, or mastering the language.

Conversational Spanish Lesson in Group

Group Spanish Lessons

A1, A2, B1, B2 level (CEFR). Small group lessons are particularly helpful to exchange knowledge and practising in a dynamic environment. We create real life scenarios to increase confidence, improve accuracy as well as fluency.

Test Your Spanish Level

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Travel the word with confidence

Most of us want to experience variant cultures by visiting different countries and cities. You can enjoy the adventure to the full if you are able to communicate with the locals. Maybe asking for directions, hotels, currencies exchange offices, schedules, and especially important: places where to eat. The vocabulary, expressions, as well as manners are relevant when we travel abroad. Asking simple things such as ¿Me puede decir la hora, por favor? (What time is it?) can help you to interact with people, feel confident, and why not, making new friends.

Become a better learner

What does it really mean to teach you at your own pace? We can help you, whether you need to review some part of the language or start from scratch, maybe, reinforcing something that it is confusing. We provide some suggestions on how to study or improve your study habits. Language can be too broad, and you might need some tips to take advantage of your time and see results within a short time. Tailoring your lesson to help you to grasp those tricky parts of thelanguage is our commitment.

Increase your job opportunities

Finding a job with a language skill, it opens doors. Companies hire professionals who speak languages, and Spanish is on demand. Since, it is spoken in more than 490 million people, businesses require Spanish speakers for their teams to reach their customers and giving excellence in their services.

More perspective on Art & Culture

From visiting emblematic and ancient places to knowing in depth people’s background. Getting familiar with their culture and artefacts. You can be immersed in their history through the language by studying Spanish.

Business Travel & Communication

In a globalised world, Spanish for business is an asset. From writing a simple email to a colleague to conduct a business meeting, it is becoming essential to communicate in this language with specific purposes. You can start now and taking your career to the next level!

Speak with more people

Communicate with people around the world! Meeting new people and making friends from home, with just a click, and talk to people about your hobbies or activities such as cooking, travelling, sports, medicine, music, or the topic that you enjoy the most.

Me encanta hablar español y ¿a ti?

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Learning a language means learning
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even a way of eating. Get immersed
into the nuances of the language with native speakers.

10 Years Experience

By The Way Languages teachers are qualified and professional. Teaching is their career, not just a hobby.


Common European Framework of Reference is a guideline to help teacher and students to measure language competency. Our online Spanish lessons meet CEFR standards.

Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for my private lessons?

Online Spanish Lessons are only available to people registered as customers (register or login).

1- Top up Credits:
You can purchase at any time a package of credits (Top Up Credits)

2- Book a lesson:
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What is the timetable for the lessons?

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm. However, lessons might be scheduled out of opening hours by agreement between the teacher and the student(s).

Are lessons held on Bank Holidays?

No, lessons are not held on Bank Holidays. However, a teacher might want to do it previous agreement with the student.

Do you provide material for the lessons?

We do provide the material, and we also suggest a textbook. For Leaving Cert students, we use the textbook Acción, Editorial Folens.

What our students say

I came to know Alejandra during the time when she studied the BA in English Studies and Languages at Technological University Dublin. She engages critically with complex ideas and is excellent at explaining them. She is particularly interested in how language operates syntactically and semantically. As a teacher, she will bring her full attention to the needs of her learners to help them achieve thorough understanding of subject matter. I highly recommend her.

—Dr. Sue Norton, Technological University Dublin

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